eGames CS:GO Cup #2 - Statement

eGames CS:GO

Ghetto eGames

5. marts, 2021, 19:05

Team 666 allegations & Timechasers


After a thorough investigation, initially opened by Team Daugava, later also opened by Save's eSports and Timechasers against Team 666 for accused cheating during eGames CS:GO Cup #2 and the review of all gathered evidence, as the fact that the FACEIT Anti-Cheat department could not confirm any cheating, we can now share that there has been no cheating found from Team 666. The main reported suspect was a Danish player Jacob “PeterPik” Pilgaard, who has been officially cleared by the Tournament admins and can participate in the future Ghetto eGames CS:GO Tournaments.

However, the actions of the participant Sandis “kuL” Stikuts from Team 666 on the Grand Final match (Team 666 vs Timechasers) have been totally irresponsible and unacceptable, both on Game Server along with the recorded GOTV Demo, which is featured on HLTV, as well as Online posts on Twitter. Unfortunately, we cannot provide evidence for the said Twitter post, where the participant had spoken out offensive statements towards Timechasers, as well as causing negative PR publications, because the Twitter profile has been taken down by the user soon after posting those Tweets, however, the Tweet has been seen and confirmed by the Tournament admins, as well as other people, including those offended.

After the Grand Final match had finished, another incident had occurred with both teams in the official TeamSpeak server (provided by eSport Latvia). After reviewing admin’s audio and video recording of the TeamSpeak communications between both teams, both teams had exchanged rude and offensive words and statements, which are to be taken into account accordingly.


To conclude the investigation with each aspect considered, a Major Misconduct Penalty is hereby issued to Team 666, and Team’s prize is deducted with a fine of 100 EUR.

After these incidents, Team 666’s participant Sandis “kuL” Stikuts is hereby banned from participating in Ghetto eGames CS:GO Season 1 Tournaments for Major Misconduct.

Timechasers’ participant Povilas "m7th" Jankus is hereby issued one (1) Penalty Point for Minor Misconduct and unsportsmanlike behaviour, with no additional fines.

Considering the human factor, as well as the fact, that the Grand Final match begun at late 00:10 EET due to previous Semi-Final matches finishing very late with third maps, the penalties for both parties have been issued accordingly to the situation and shall not be altered any more or less.


To maintain the integrity of the Baltic eSports scene and the eGames CS:GO Season, the players with active Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans in the recent 5 years (hereby raised from 3 years) shall not participate in the eGames CS:GO tournaments. If a ban (CS:GO Gameban or a FACEIT/ESEA ban) received within the said timeframe has been removed, solid proof must be sent to the head admin for review. This shall apply to all future cups. A few other factors are soon to update in the Rulebook as well.