Cup #2 Press Release

eGames CS:GO

Ghetto eGames

5. marts, 19:28

Ghetto eGames CS:GO Cup 2 champions are the Team from Lithuania - Timechasers who won the Grand Finals with a stunning 2:0 (16:8 on Inferno, 16:10 on Nuke) against Team 666 and won the grand prize of 500 EUR.

Team 666 took second place in the Tournament, however, the Team had instantly disbanded after the grand final match due to issues within their own Team. After the official eGames statement Team 666 allegations & Timechasers, both Teams had shown unsportsmanlike behaviour after the match, both in-game server, and other social platforms, which lead to Team 666’s Player Sandis 'kuL' Stikuts being banned from the eGames CS:GO Season, as well as a penalty with a fine applied to Team 666 for Major Misconduct
After the collected evidence, one (1) Penalty point was issued to Timechasers’ player Povilas 'm7th' Jankus for Minor Misconduct.

Timechasers’ roster consisted of:
Ovidijus 'Sidivo' Miliauskas,
Ąžuolas 'AwwEzz' Misevičius,
Tomas 'Prochas' Prochorenko,
Marijus 'slokker' Jazbutis,
Povilas 'm7th' Jankus

Team 666’ roster consisted of:
Sandis 'kuL' Stikuts,
Kristers 'Brens' Brensons,
Gusts 'M1KKET' Miezis,
Edvards 'hek' Zakrevskis,
Pilgaard 'PeterPik' Jacob

Teams that placed 3-4:
‘Save’s eSports’,

Teams that placed 5-8:
‘Team Daugava’,

Quarterfinals’ results:
‘Team 666’ beat ‘Save’s eSports’ with a 2:1.
‘Timechasers’ beat ‘SACRAMENTO’ with a 2:1.

A total of 58 teams from 15 different countries took part in the eGames CS:GO Cup #2
Huge thanks to all the teams for participating! See you very soon at our next CS:GO Cup!
We would also like to thank the main sponsor "Scandiweb" and our partners - eSport Latvia & GOEXANIMO!

The Livestream VOD is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpO09Dl56Pc

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