Ghetto eGames partners up with Challengermode

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Ghetto eGames

21. aprīlis, 21:00

Ghetto eGames partners up with Challengermode!

To produce future high-quality tournaments with live technical support and more technical organizer tools for the tournament staff, Ghetto eGames has chosen to host some of its future tournaments on Challengermode.

With that said, we will still be hosting our main tournaments on the current platforms, and are looking forward to exploring the possibilities on Challengermode, potentially working together to bring the best experience towards the Esports players!

Challengermode works with organizers such as BLAST, DreamHack, Red Bull, and others, who use the free platform to run the majority of their online competitions. Running tournaments in CS:GO and other games on the platform mean a fully automated experience, with automatically hosted servers (meaning you don't have to pay for this yourself), automatic score reporting, and much more.