Invitation to a conference "Medicines For Worlds Ghettos"

Ghetto Games


7. decembris, 2018, 10:26

International street sports conference development of appropriate infrastructure and sports event leading to progress. DECEMBER 10-1, 2018, RIGA, LATVIA, CLUB “FIRST MIR” This will be the second edition of the international street sport conference organized by Ghetto Games, one of the largest street sports and culture movements in Europe. The main topics will be the current global progression and expansion rate for street sports and the impact on the modern city environment, stimulating positive changes in urban infrastructure and lifestyles of today’s youth. 1.Street sports as a cornerstone for the entertainment industry 2. Street sports and culture as business opportunities 3. Street sports social movements 4.Street sports infrastructure in the modern city 5. Tendencies and prognosis on the further development of street sports Live broadcast in english: http://www.conference.ghetto.lv/live-eng/