Ghetto eGames CS:GO Season 1

We're here to announce that we're reorganizing the CS:GO Season 1. The previous (most recent) Tournament is hereby reorganized as the first (1st) Cup of this Season. The following season will consist of 6 more cups - one every month, from February to July. Season's Finals in August 2021 will consist of 8 Teams, 6 of whom will have acquired the highest points throughout the Season and 2 invited Teams from the Ghetto eGames. 
The prize pool for each Cup will remain 1000.00 EUR. Season's Finals' Prize pool - TBA.

We have partnered with GOEXANIMOESPORT.LV to organize the Tournament on FACEIT platform more efficiently, and to widen the Baltic eSports scene!
Tournament's Sponsor - Scandiweb.

Want to know how to be among those best six teams?
Each Team participating in Ghetto eGames CS:GO Season 1 Cups gains Ranking Points, which depends on their final standing in the Cup they play in. Best ranked Teams at the end of the season will participate in the above mentioned Season Finals.

Here's the new Season Ranking Point system:
First place – 150 points;
Second place – 130 points;
Places 3-4 – 100 points;
5th-8th – 80 points;
9th-16th – 70 points;
17th-32nd – 60 points;
33rd-36th – 40 points;
37th-48th – 30 points;
49th-64th – 20 points.

First Cup's standing will be published on this website as well soon. The standings can also be seen on the original Tournament's Registration Page.